About us

Company Profile 

MaofMadan is a powerful combination ofAqua Maof – an innovative technological aquaculture equipment development company, together with Madan  – a leading fish grower and aquaculture equipment supplier.

Years of fish farming experience and technological innovation lead us to offer better, more efficient solutions for a better aquaculture future.

MaofMadan is a part of the large and diverse aquaculture farm of Maagan Michael, Israel. That is where needs for better equipment originated, and this is the testing field for our R&D and the base of knowledge that enables us to offer the most suited solution to aquaculture farmers needs.

MaofMadan has two forms of activity:
We supply equipment: Aerators, paddlewheel aerators, Nets, transport tanks, feeding equipment, water testing and monitoring, pond lining, filtration and sterilization, pumps, clothing etc.
We provide our customers with a full package for the aquaculture project, beginning at selection of site location through feasibility study, a full business plan, support in finding marketing opportunities, to the construction and running in of a state of the art super-intensive rearing plant or processing plant.

MAOFMADAN |  K. Maagan Michael 37805, Israel  |  maofmadan@mmm.org.il
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